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Welcome to our premium barber services at The Studio 201, located in the heart of downtown Dallas, Texas, in Deep Ellum, where precision meets style.

Our skilled barbers are dedicated to delivering the perfect cut and grooming experience for you.



Barber in Downtown Dallas

Welcome to our premier barber services located in Deep Ellum, the vibrant heart of downtown Dallas, Texas. Our experienced barbers specialize in precision haircuts, beard trims, and luxurious shaves, ensuring you always leave looking sharp and polished.

Whether you're preparing for a big meeting or just want to maintain your style, our expert team is here to suit your grooming needs and elevate your look to the next level. Visit us today and experience the finest barber services in Deep Ellum.

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Barber Services Menu

Explore our barber services menu, offering everything from quick cuts to detailed styles tailored to your needs.

Men's Haircuts

$ 40 and up

Our expert barbers provide top-notch men's haircuts that combine style, precision, and personalized care.

  • Detailed consultation
  • Meticulous, precise cuts
  • Polished, sophisticated look

Men's Traditional Shave

$ 40 and up

Experience the luxury of traditional shaves with our skilled barbers, combining classic techniques and premium products for a smooth, refreshing finish.

  • Hot towel treatment
  • Pre-shave oil
  • Straight razor shave
  • Post-shave balm

Men's Fades

$ 50 and up

Our expert barbers specialize in men's fades, delivering sharp, precise cuts that blend seamlessly for a modern, stylish look.

  • Seamless blending
  • Sharp, precise cuts
  • Customizable style

Beard Trim & Shaping

$ 20 and up

Our expert barbers provide precise beard trims, shaping and maintaining your beard to perfection.

  • Consultation
  • Shaping with scissors & clippers
  • Finish with conditioning products